Frequently Aksed Questions About Interior Design

Q..How do I know my style?

A..Start a folder! Tear out pictures of anything you are attracted to...even colors. Your style will quickly become obvious and I will know what direction to take.

Q..How do you charge?

A.  We sit down together and go over my agreement step by step. There are different ways to work and we will find the best way for you.

Q..How do you design for active families with children?

A...I know your purchases need to be very practical. Strong, stain-resistant fabrics on appropriate style knowledge of fabric and furniture will give you the best choices.

Q...I am so will we get this done?

A...I am a full-service designer! I bring evrything to you for your approval at your convenience. I do all the leg work and provide you with viable choices.
I do it all!!!